Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Shark teeth in Rattlesnake Creek

Maybe I'm taking all the joy and surprise out of their 7th grade science field trips. But this is COOL. If you've been to the museum (like a million times, right?) you may know that Florida was once part of a prehistoric sea, and fossils are found in our creek system. They are EASY to find. All over the place! How cool is that to a boy?

So how can I find my own shark teeth, you ask? Start at West Side Park. Go east down 8th Avenue (in a car, not walking.) At the top of the hill is a light. Go through that one, but turn left at the NEXT light, 18th terrace. The road will dip where it crosses Rattlesnake Creek. The left/west side is the side you'll want to go down, so you may want to do a u-turn to park.

It's clean, shallow, shaded, right in the midle of a residential neighborhood, and gorgeous. Just start sifting through any areas where pebbles have gathered. You'll start seeing shark and ray teeth and other fossils.

Right now, the museum has a megaladon exhibit, and you can take your shark teeth and match them up and find out exactly what they are.

By the way, here's a cool link to our creek system here in Hogtown.


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