Tuesday, August 7, 2007

UF jumping fountain

So where in Gville is THIS? A spouty fountain? Wheeee! I hesitate to blog this, else the toddling hordes infiltrate our secret spot. But it really does exist. You just have to brave beauracracytamicized parking, and walking amongst thin, tan, pierced midriffs in your capri-pants-knit-top mom costume with your self-worth still intact. This little gem is nestled alongside Buckman dorms.

We spent a really nice day on UF campus. Can't really say it was free since we paid $3 to park and Starbucks grabbed me by the feet and shook every last coin from my pockets.

So here's the scoop. For the summer, you can go to the parking kiosk at Tigert Hall (on 13th Street and Union Road) and get a token for $3. Drive to the left to the gated lot in front of Little Hall. Your token lifts the gate, to the delight of all kids in the car. There's LOTS to do, most of it commonplace to us and mind-blowingly awesome to a five year old. For example:
Visiting the small art gallery in the Art School building, exposing young ones to the angst and disturbing creations of 19 year olds. Better than the Harn because they can touch this stuff, and there are no museum Nazis to follow your every move.

And there's also this:
The International Center. There's a Starbucks here (like, duh.) So you can grab your international-themed cookie and sit in front of a line of about 20 tv's, all showing broadcasts from different countries. There was a samurai movie from China (okay, my husband just informed me that samurai movies are Japanese, not Chinese, and I'd say what's the diff, but I suppose that's not the kind of response the International Center is all about) , a soap opera in Arabic, a Spanish talk show... and chocowhippedcreamlatte things to drink.

And Library East, much changed from my days:
Guess what's just to my right. No, guess. A STARBUCKS! I blew their little minds with the moving shelves, the chairs with the little tables that swing over your lap, and oh, my holy stars, a revolving door! Though it's shiny and starbucked, It still smells like 1992.

This was only the half of it. The music building was a hit, because "we're inside, but also outside! how can this be?!":

We spent like half an hour here, because someone had hidden little flamingos and gnomes and stuff in the ferns, and there was an actual little pond/fountain, and my kids know how to play hobbit.

So there was more. Much more. Vending machines. People with purple hair. Guys playing guitars. Stairs, oh, so many stairs to climb up and down. Elevators to ride. Empty lecture halls to yell in. Gator statues to wrassle. We didn't even make it over to the Union or the ODome or the stadium. Only worth it in this heat if you can top it off with the fountain, which is my gift to you, dear readers.

Stay tuned. We'll be returning to campus when the Krishnas complete their annual migration to the Plaza. A childhood without vegan goulash eaten to the tune of "My Sweet Lord" isn't SPARKY at all.


Karen said...

Thank you so much, Sparky. I LOVE this post. Unfortunately, Linda is still afraid of the jumping fountain, but we're working on it. You guys (and anyone else who knows us) are welcome to park at my house if you want to go on campus after parking gets hairy. I live about a 10 minute walk north of Library West, at least at adult walking speeds.

Hogtown Sparky said...

You're totally ON. We'll make a Krishna date. And thank you for commenting! My first commenter! I kinda like being called "sparky"...

Laura said...

Sparky and Karen, we can hardly wait to do this - though I hadn't considered that jumping fountains of water might NOT be a toddler's delight - thanx for that little bit of insight as to what might happen with Kira..