Monday, August 4, 2008

Loblolly revisited

Wow, a creek has such personality. One day a gentle wading spot, the next a deep, swift, gurgling river of debris. It was still fun, though. But take a look. This is a friend wading to the other side, just across from "zany island". You can see how high the water is on him, and how it surrounds the island, where in the photo in the post below there is dry sand around the island, and the place he was walking was only a few inches deep.

So keep in mind how much rain there's been if you plan a trip. Either way was fun, but we got a lot wetter the second, after-storm visit!


Anonymous said...

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Jenny Rebecca said... there an extra kid in your blog banner? Or is that my lortab confusing me?

Bren said...

hi Jenny! Yes, there's an extra. A friend of ours who accompanies us an many adventures.

Anonymous said...

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